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BioTech Solutions is a manufacturer and supplier of unique, innovative products for the research, life science, pharmaceutical and academic communities. Our products deliver reliable performance while expediting and simplifying the drug discovery process. We aim to provide tools that can expand your capabilities, increase efficiency in the lab, reduce cost, and make your work easier. Contact us to receive information or quotes for the highest quality Biotech and Chromatography products.

Our Micro Plate has a unique design that provides maximum diversity for many different applications. This plate can have a fixed height or it can be multi-tiered for adjustable heights to support different sized vials.

ZIPVAPS are easy to use. No exotic setup or operating instructions. Fast dry down in minutes. The Evaporators have interchangeable manifolds for 96 or 384 well plates. The heated holder can be removed for room temperature operation.

Easily pierceable, 70 µm thick, polyethylene with acrylic adhesive, EZ-PierceTM sealing films allow direct sample recovery with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic probes. Dimensions are 82.6 by 142.9 mm for 96-well plates.